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Bonita Juarez (Firebird) was walking across the desert near Albuquerque, New Mexico, when a huge ball of cold fire plummeted out of the sky and struck the sand teen feet from where she stood. Bathed in its extraterrestrial radiation, Bonita soon discovered that she had acquired a vast amount of energy-wielding powers.

Relatives[edit | edit source]

  • Benito Juarez (grandfather)
  • Chita Juarez (grandmother)
  • Carlotta Valdez (great x3 aunt)

Special abilities[edit | edit source]

Energy manipulation: Bonita possesses the ability to summon and manipulate as-of-yet unknown forms of energies that radiate both heat and thrust. These energies, which she taps by conscious effort, can be projected from any part of her body. Usually projected from her hands, the thermal energy has a maximum temperature of five thousand degrees Fahrenheit and the thrust has a maximum concussive force of 275 pounds per square inch. She can willfully lower the thermal energy's temperature to a minimum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit and can project the thrust energy alone. Bonita's body is immune to the detrimental effects of wielding her power.

  • Flight: By projecting energy beams below her, Bonita is able to produce sufficient thrust to fly. Although she could theoretically fly at supersonic speeds, she is limited by the maximum speed at which she can still breathe at, which is approximately 130 miles per hour.
  • Firebird manifestation: Whenever Bonita summons her power for the first time after a period of disuse or concentrates upon summoning all of the power she can at once, she is surrounded by a huge, fiery manifestation of energy in the shape of a bird. Whether she is subconsciously willing the energy into this form or whether the energy somehow projects this form is not yet known.

Immortality: It has been speculated that Bonita may be immortal and, indeed, on one occasion she survived after drinking an alien poison given to her by the Collector that had killed a group of her fellow Avengers who were later resurrected.

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