DeMarr Davis
DeMarr Davis
(Doorman) was in his third year of graduate school studying physics when he decided to respond to Mister Immortal's newspaper ad asking for "costumed adventurers" to join together to form a team. Being a mutant, DeMarr responded and joined the Great Lakes Avengers.

Special abilitiesEdit

DeMarr is a mutant who was born with several innate abilities, including:

Darkforce teleportation: DeMarr is a Class-10 teleporter. His body is a portal to the Darkforce Dimension, allowing people or items to pass through him or walk through any solid object he is standing against. When creating a door through an object, DeMarr is often surrounded by floating black spheres that also create an outline of his body on the opposite side of any object.

  • Intangibility: DeMarr's Darkforce portal is constant, making him completely intangible and allowing people or items to enter the Darkforce Dimension against his will. Additionally, he can phase through solid objects.

Upon his death, Oblivion recruited DeMarr to serve as his Angel of Death because of his connection to the Darkforce Dimension. Oblivion resurrected DeMarr and granted him several powers, including:

Death sense: DeMarr has enhanced cosmic knowledge allowing him to see beyond the veil of life and death. He can also see other beings traveling on ethereal planes.

Darkforce manipulation: In addition to his Darkforce teleportation, DeMarr can also create solid objects from Darkforce, such as ski poles and skis.

Flight: DeMarr is capable of flying at light speeds.

Superhuman durability: He cannot be physically harmed.

Costume summoning: DeMarr can change into his costume instantly.

Natural abilitiesEdit

DeMarr has some hand-to-hand combat trainign and is an experienced card player.

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