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Flight is the ability to defy gravity and propel oneself through the atmosphere without any outside influence. There are a multitude of methods to achieve flight with, including:

  • Auricular: user achieves flight by flapping one's ears and utilizing them as wings
  • Energy propulsion: using energy to propel one's body from the ground
  • Gyrokinetic: manipulating the force of gravity to allow oneself to defy it
  • Magnetic levitation: becoming magnetically repellent
  • Molecular manipulation: manipulating atmospheric molecules to fly
  • Non-Newtonian: being unaffected by the Newtonian laws of physics
  • Repulsion field: generating a repulsion field to repel oneself from the ground and other matter
  • Telekinetic: utilizing a telekinetic ability on oneself to levitate one's body
  • Thermokinetic: propelling oneself through the at by shifting atmospheric temperatures
  • Wind propulsion: manipulating wind to lift one's body
  • Wings: possessing wings on one's body that allow for flight

Known users[]

  • Arthur Hardy was given the power to fly during his son's mutant activation.
  • Bonita Juarez is able to fly by using propelled energy as thrust.
  • DeMarr Davis is able to fly at light-speed since he is an Angel of Death.
  • Dinah Soar is able to fly due to have a pterosaur-like body.
  • Frances Barrison can fly by propelling herself with sonic blasts.