Quelin and his wife were middle-caste Inhumans who activated for the destruction of the caste system. In one of their attempts to destroy the caste system of Attilan, the couple attempted to overthrow Agon and Rynda, the King and Queen of Attilan at that time. Despite their best efforts, they were unsuccessful and executed for their crimes against the House of Agon.

Despite opposing Agon and his rule, Quelin was post-humously inducted into the House of Agon due to his daughter marrying the son of Agon. The true manner of Quelin's death was hidden from the public.


Special abilitiesEdit

Shadow warping: Quelin had the ability to teleport from one location to another over interplanetary distances by using shadows as the medium for his teleports. It was Quelin's ability that served as Quelin and Ambur's escape plan after implementing their plans to overthrow the House of Agon. However, Agon used his power to negate all other Inhuman abilities in the area, preventing them from escaping and allowing for their capture and execution.

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