is the ability to instantly move from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between. This can be achieved by various means, including:
  • Anchor teleportation: the user is able to teleport to a specific anchor, whether that anchor is another person, object, or location
  • Catoptric teleportation: teleporting through reflective surfaces, such as mirrors
  • Deconstruction: the body breaks up into various materials (i.e. dust, ice, crystals, flower petals, etc.) and reconstructe elsewhere, possibly moving as the materials
  • Digital teleportation: the user is able to teleport through digital data
  • Elemental teleportation: the user can teleport through the elements (i.e. earth, air, fire, water, electricity, etc.)
  • Fragoportation: teleporting by exciting internal molecular/atomic energy, triggering an explosion or implosion before teleporting
  • Gateway teleportation: teleporting by connecting two doors/gateways
  • Location swapping: distorting space by exchanging one subject with another
  • Molecular teleportation: teleporting by disassembling molecules and reassembling them elsewhere
  • Portal creation: opening a spatial portal around oneself, instantly shifting locations by passing directly to the other location or to another dimension and back into the physical dimension
  • Quantum teleportation: teleporting by disassembling at a subatomic level, slipping into the quantum field, and reassembling at a different spatial and/or temporal location
  • Rainbow teleportation: the user can teleport through rainbows
  • Tracking teleportation: the user teleports by thinking of another person and locating that individual
  • Umbraportation: the user is able to teleport through shadows and darkness

Known usersEdit

  • Gordon Bellamy was able to teleport in a burst of blue energy. He could teleport to an individual after said individual called out his name.
  • Snap was able to teleport by snapping his fingers.
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