The Warpies are children mutated by unstable dimensional energies released after the reality manipulations of different version of the mutant James Jaspers. These phenomena are known as "Jaspers Warps". Their name was derived from these warps and was given to them by an R.C.X. agent. Their exogenetic mutations granted them superhuman abilities often with unusual morphologies while also causing them to suffer and die young, sometimes during spectacular explosions.



The Warpies most often develop from young humans, from unborn babies to children. A few adult or young adult Warpies have been shown, such as James Christian. It was stated that no Warpies in Cloud Nine were adults.

As with mutants or Inhumans, Warpies are generally humanoid. However, most of them display obvious signs of mutation, such as unusual skin color, an aura, or a physical mutation.

Special abilitiesEdit

The Warpies possess various powers, much like mutants or Inhumans. The most known and feared power is spontaneous and uncontrollable explosions, causing the death of the individual and all beings in proximity to him, but many other powers are known.


The Warpies often have no control of their powers, as many of them are newborn babies. Also, their powers are very strong and eventually kill them before they reach maturity.


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